Our Approach


We believe in personal service to make your insurance stress-free.

Each of our clients is looked after by an experienced manager. They get
to know your requirements inside-out … simplifying your insurance and
championing your interests.  They are in control and on your side!

We believe homework at the outset pays dividends later.

Our home appraisal upfront establishes the true replacement cost of your home.  So we can tailor an individual scheme for you.  And you can be certain you’re covered properly but paying only for what you need.

We believe transparency creates trust.

Our appraisal creates a clarity that speeds claim settlements.
Our ‘Agreed Value’ approach gives certainty about the sums you’ll be paid.
Our fee system is straightforward - any commission is returned to you.
Our quest for excellence means we work only with the best insurers.

The result …
Fairer cover, fairer claims, fairer charges plus the personal touch