Why you need Symmetry


Symmetry is a new style of insurance broker.

We specialise in the personal insurance needs of those with a little more
to protect.

More often than not, they are let down by standard insurance … and by
standard insurance brokers.

We aim to help them avoid these pitfalls.

Our guiding belief is that good insurance should be about balance, fairness and equity ... we call it symmetry.

We give our clients the personal service we would expect ourselves
... together with fairer cover, fairer claims and fairer charges.

It’s the unique way we achieve this that sets us apart.


Most home insurance is based on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy with small print that restricts the claims and sums the insurer will pay.

So, if you own a higher-value home or car, you could discover – usually when you make a claim – that you’re not adequately covered.

With Symmetry the policy will be tailored to your needs, so owning a higher-value home or car won’t mean resigning yourself to insufficient cover.